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Michele Cattadori

Michele Cattadori

Honorary Consul of Finland in Venice

The following text is an excerpt from the exhibition catalog.

Finnish dreams sparkle like crystal. The art of shaping glass and giving form to objects is an important part of the Finnish culture.

A source of great pride for the nation, the long tradition of glass art is embedded in the Finnish identity. It is often said that there is a glass route in Finland, starting from Helsinki, taking you up north to Riihimäki, Iittala and Nuutajärvi, and then curving down to Muurla and Fiskars. With this exhibition tour organised in honour of the nation’s centennial, the route extends all the way down to Florence, Rome and Venice.

It is most appropriate that this exhibition ends its grand tour in Venice, the cradle of glass art, where the brilliant masters of Murano have been forming glass since 982 AD. The city hosts the exhibition of one of the greatest names in Finnish design, the multi-talented Markku Piri.

The date of the exhibition held at the Murano Glass Museum, 6 December 2017, is no coincidence: it is the hundredth Independence Day of Finland, thus giving a special significance to the exhibition.

The exhibition offers a unique opportunity for the viewers to enjoy and study these masterpieces of extraordinary beauty. With their clean lines and shapes, they are open to a wealth of interpretations, and they are a fabulous expression of the eclectic talent of Markku Piri.

Drawing his inspiration from the furnaces of Murano, Markku Piri has created glass works that superbly combine references to the culture, design and nature of Finland and to the art, culture and history of Italy.

Venice welcomes Markku Piri with open arms, and the opportunity to admire these works in the very cities that have inspired the artist in the first place adds to the intensity of the experience.