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Chiara Squarcina

Chiara Squarcina

Responsible Director,

The Murano Glass Museum

The following text is an excerpt from the exhibition catalog.

By hosting the exhibition of the Finnish artist Markku Piri, the Murano Glass Museum wishes to accentuate the importance of cultural and artistic exchange, now more crucial than ever in its role as a promoter of a dialogue between different cultures of the world – a truly international dialogue, which has always been the hallmark of art.

The glass art of Murano has always been transcultural. To the Murano Glass Museum, Markku Piri’s exhibition is, once again, a welcome occasion to deepen and celebrate our worldwide intellectual and artistic contacts. As a guardian of both Muranese and glass art history, the Murano Glass Museum is excited to open another chapter in the long tale of close and fruitful relations between glass artisans and glass artists, as it is always our desire to showcase new facets of this unique genre.

In the glass works of Markku Piri, the viewer can sense the high-spirited inspiration so distinctive of him, apparent both in his use of colours and his aesthetics in general. Another strong current in them is the inspirational power of the Finnish design tradition, famous for its original solutions especially in glass art. Piri clearly represents the Nordic dimension of glass. In addition, his glass works have plenty to offer for those who want to explore and understand the rich variety of available techniques in the extraordinary world of present day glass art production.

When contemplating the subject of glass, its elaborate manufacturing process can never be overlooked. Defying trends and fashion, it remains a firm point in the history of glass and a bastion of an art that refuses to fall into oblivion. The elegance, sophistication and chromatic range of Markku Piri’s works in this exhibition will catch the eye of even the most demanding viewer.


Interview with Chiara Squarcina, Responsible Director of Museo del Vetro, the Murano Glass Museum on YouTube