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Venus I

Vase, clear | amethyst | light blue

Artist:Markku Piri

Manufactory:Lasismi, Riihimäki, Finnland

Master:Joonas Laakso, Kaappo Lähdesmäki, Kimmo Reinikka

Year of Design:2013

Dimensions:Depth16 cm 6.4 inch

 Width16 cm 6.4 inch

 Height33.5 cm 13.4 inch

Edition:7 each unique


Edition: 7 each unique


In stock

Clear glass, soft double filigrane.

Calling the Venus vase Venus happened for a reason. Its shape is reminiscent of a female figure seductively caressed by a double filigrane network of lines in soft, picturesque colours - amethyst, pink and light blue.

Venus is a feminine shape in glass, and she has soft and painterly double filigrane stripes as her dress. Expert craftsmanship by the Lasismi group in Finland.