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Time Zones III

Glass sculpture, red | black

Artist:Markku Piri

Manufactory:Gambaro & Tagliapietra, Murano, Italy

Master:Matteo Tagliapietra

Year of Design:2015-2017

Dimensions:Depth32 cm 12.8 inch

 Width32 cm 12.8 inch

 Height40 cm 16 inch



Edition: 7


In stock

Mouth blown, cut and polished glass.

Each Time Zones object consists of five glass elements in different colours, each with two bowls and three discs. Time Zones seems to defy the laws of physics. The translucent light creates reflections of the colours that flow into each other, like the colours of an aquarelle. The starting point for the pieces is the hourglass, which shows the transience of time.

In a most dramatic combination, this TIME ZONES sculpture is a play between the bursting burnt red-orange and an almost opaque charcoal black. The linking spheres give the idea of passage of time in this – by an hour glass inspired – sculpture with intensity and elegance to the whole.