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String of Pearls I

Installation, ultamarine till turqoise | orange

Artist:Markku Piri

Manufactory:Pino Signoretto, Murano, Italy

Master:Pino Signoretto

Year of Design:2016

Dimensions:Depth5-22 cm 2 inch

 Width5-22 cm 2 inch

 Height580 cm 232 inch

Edition:2 each unique


Edition: 2 each unique


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String of Pearls is a tribute to the glass pearl tradition of Murano, and to the rich colours of the Venetian paintings.

Pino Signoretto is one of the grand Masters of Glass in Murano, and it was a special privilege for Markku Piri to collaborate with him on this installation. Venice and Murano are the home of the most exquisite glass pearls. This giant installation is Markku Piri’s homage to this tradition. The scale is large enough to fill a tall space, yet there is mysterious weightlessness to the work. The original installation idea is to attach the String of Pearls from the heavier end to the wall, with a mirror behind to double the image, and lift the lighter end towards the ceiling, letting the pearls form a gentle curve.