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Side Way & Up Side I

2 Bowls, clear with white filigrane & cobalt blue

Artist:Markku Piri

Manufactory:Lasismi, Riihimäki, Finland

Master:Joonas Laakso, Kaappo Lähdesmäki, Kimmo Reinikka

Year of Design:2011

Dimensions:Depth29 cm 11.6 inch

 Width29 cm 11.6 inch

 Height21 cm 8.4 inch




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Mouth blown glass, clear, satin matt finish, and filigrane.

In these objects, the artist was focused on a dialogue between functional and sculptural elements, and the combination of shapes and colours. All parts and colours can be freely combined with each other, creating new shapes, yet retaining function.

Up Side in cobalt blue clear glass is combined with Side Way in clear glass with white filigrane strips. The combination is like a sculpture, but yet functional. The combination of two separate objects can be also turned upside down, with Side Way as a wide base, and the mood of the sculpture changes. Both objects can be used separately as well. Executed by the Lasismi Co-Operation in Riihimäki, Finland.