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Rays of Sun III

Vase, brown satinated | turqouise

Artist:Markku Piri

Manufactory:Simone Cedenese, Murano, Italy

Master:Simone Cedenese

Year of Design:2015-2017

Dimensions:Depth36 cm 14.4 inch

 Width39 cm 15.6 inch

 Height40 cm 16 inch



Edition: 7


In stock

Mouth blown glass, clear, with two layers of coloured glass, satin finish, polished vertical cuts.

This monumental glass vase, produced using an extremely sophisticated technique with several colour variations, consists of three different superimposed glass layers. These three colours react to each other and produce exciting light effects with translucent light sources. The shape, with its opening rays, was inspired by the lotus blossom, which was a popular element in both ancient Egypt and Art Deco.

Colours’ impact on other colours is a constant source of fascination for Markku Piri. Here, a muted brown with ochre tones creates wonderful reflections with a light and elegant green. The contrast of satiated surfaces with the polished cuts of the rays is an essential aspect of the masterful glass object, the rays elevate it over its actual physical height.