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Jewel Vase

Vase, black | red | orange | white | clear

Artist:Markku Piri

Manufactory:Lasismi, Riihimäki, Finland

Master:Joonas Laakso, Kaappo Lähdesmäki, Kimmo Reinikka

Year of Design:2011

Dimensions:Depth13.5 cm 5.4 inch

 Width23 cm 9.2 inch

 Height27.5 cm 11 inch

Edition:7 each unique


Edition: 7 each unique


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Mouth blown, clear, opal and coloured glass, cut and polished.

Looking through this multi-layered object, which was inspired by the shining beauty of cut precious stones, one encounters a three-dimensional world of opal and translucent colours. The surface of the object, in turn, lives from the light reflections of the numerous sharp edges. The production of the object is very time consuming, 35-40 hours are required for the polishing work only.

Mouth blown, slowly and painstakingly hand cut, and polished into its final jewel like shape, the Jewel Vase glows with the extraordinary possibilities of glass, with painterly, intertwining colours inside, and gleam of the glossy polished surfaces. Expert work by the Lasismi Cooperation in Finland.