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Fountain Reticello III

Vase, cobalt with white filigrane

Artist:Markku Piri

Manufactory:Gianni Seguso, Murano, Italy

Master:Gianni Seguso

Year of Design:2017

Dimensions:Depth28 cm 11.2 inch

 Width28 cm 11.2 inch

 Height28 cm 11.2 inch

Edition:7 each unique


Edition: 7 each unique


In stock

Mouth blown clear glass with double filigrane.

The Fountain Reticello objects from Murano are made using the old, original Venetian Reticello technique by Master Gianni Seguso. Typical for the original Venetian Reticello technique are small air bubbles in a grid pattern between the crossing lines. The inspiration source for all Fountain Reticello objects are old Italian fountains.

Art is all about visuality, variations, and choices. Here is another variation of the Reticello technique, executed by Murano Maestro Seguso. Cobalt blue is one of the favourite colours of the artist: cool and warm simultaneously, equally passionate as it is ethereal, and also with the double filigrane stripes in white.