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Fountain III

Vase, turqouise with white filigrane

Artist:Markku Piri

Manufactory:Lasismi, Riihimäki, Finland

Master:Joonas Laakso, Kaappo Lähdesmäki, Kimmo Reinikka

Year of Design:2017

Dimensions:Depth32 cm 12.8 inch

 Width32 cm 12.8 inch

 Height27.5 cm 11 inch



Edition: no


In stock

Mouth blown clear glass with double filigrane.

The objects from Lasismi are produced in double filigrane technique. The inspiration source for all Fountain objects are old Italian fountains.

The artist loves the shades of colours between the blues and the greens, since these are the colours of water, oceans, paradise birds, and dreams. This is another version of the Fontana vase, made by the Lasismi Cooperation in Riihimäki, Finland.