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Manufactory: Lasismi, Riihimäki, Finnland

The Glass Factory Manufaktur Lasismi in Riihimäki produces as well as various glassblowers in Murano the objects for the glass artist Markku Piri
Manufactory Lasismi

Joonas Laakso

”Over the years we have come to know Joonas Laakso as an exceptionally talented glassblower and glass artist. Despite his young age, he has highly original, fresh and outstanding artistic views. Owing to his solid professional skills, he has excellently succeeded in expressing them in his work in glass.” – Finnish Glass Museum

Kimmo Reinikka

I am a glassblower and grinder who used to work as a gardener. My inspiration comes from the nature and people around me. In my works, I use a great variety of cold-working techniques. I create my works from roughly shaped glass objects, which I finish by grinding, and I am always on the lookout for reflections of light formed by grindings.

Kaappo Lähdesmäki

I am a glassworker running the Lasismi Co-operative glass studio in Riihimäki with my fellow lunatics. Glass brings food to my table, but every now and then it also gives me the chance to create artworks through which I can point out peculiarities or faults hidden in the world around us.

The cooperation Lasismi

The Lasismi Co-operative runs a studio located in an old glass factory of the historical Riihimäen Lasi company. The studio was bought in 2010 from the great Finnish glassmaster Jaakko Liikanen. Today a mentor for Lasismi, Jaakko continues working with his glass art. Lasismi creates highquality glass products with or for designers, artists, companies and private persons. We embrace the most creative ideas and find ways to make them come to life.

Manufactory Lasismi
Manufactory Lasismi
Manufactory Lasismi 5