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About us

OutstandingArt.Gallery is an innovative internet based platform to market high level contemporary art to all continents across the globe, for private and public collectors and into homes, offices, galleries and museums.


The innovative tools of the OutstandingArt.Gallery reflect all details of the art work. Especially three dimensional pictures with almost 360 degree views allow you to explore the art object on your screen. You can view the art objects with multidimensional images showing the art objects from many perspectives. Each art object is certified to guarantee originality, quality, and edition details.


OutstandingArt.Gallery serves only creative and innovative artists. As the first artist, the Finnish multi-talented designer Markku Piri, is represented by the gallery with his glass art objects, following the tradition of famous glass makers with their masters and glass blowers from Murano/Italy and Riihimäki/Finland.


The artist Markku Piri also represents Finland in the centenary of the Scandinavian country’s independence with a travelling exhibition in Italy shown in three famous cities:


  • In Florence at the Palazzo Medici-Riccardi : A Finn in the Court of the Medici
  • In Rome at the Museo Carlo Bilotti : A Finn in the Orangery of Villa Borghese
  • In Murano / Venice) at the Museo del Vetro : A Finn in the Glass Paradise of Murano


Welcome to the OutstandingArt.Gallery! Enjoy the beautiful and outstanding art brought to you, explore and collect it. Please contact us, we are happy to help you with any details and questions you might have.

Contact us

You can contact us by mail, phone, or just filling in the contact form below.

Josef Czako
Managing Director

Email: Management@OutstandingArt.Gallery
Phone: +49 151 2919 5810
Fax: +49 228 253949

Packaging & delivery

OutstandingArt.Gallery will coordinate the packaging and shipment of your order to your selected delivery site. The art work is shipped from our gallery or directly from the maker.

OutstandingArt.Gallery works with reputable, high-quality transportation providers in order to ensure the safe and proper delivery as well as economic prices. The shipments will be insured for the transportation purposes by the gallery. All art work to be shipped will receive a certificate of quality and undamaged condition, being the certification for the shipment process and insurance.

Our Guarantee

OutstandingArt.Gallery commits to the following:

All art objects receive a „Certificate of Authenticity“ (CoA). The CoA includes all details about the artist, designer, and makers, the design idea, historical facts, production technologies and materials, colours, dimensions, and weight. Images of pre-shipping condition are also attached.

  • We provide an invoice for each item sold.
  • We are committed to ensure full customer satisfaction.