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Museo Del Vetro, Murano, Venice, Italy

Museo del Vetro, Murano, Italia

07.10.– 07.01.2018 | Glass & Paintings, Museo del Vetro, Murano, Italy

A Finn in the glass paradise of Venice

The third station of Markku Piri’s exhibition tour in Italy is the famous glass museum „Museo del Vetro“ in Murano/Venice. The exhibition is named “A Finn in the Glass Paradise of Venice”. Several Finnish glassmakers from the Golden Age of the Finnish Glass Period (in the 1950s and 1960s like Tapio Wirkkala) worked with the world-famous glass blowers in Murano, but Markku Piri is the first Finnish artist who was invited for a solo show at the distinguished Museo del Vetro. His exhibition is also a homage to the glass tradition of Murano, the cradle of glass as such.